Islamic Philanthropy (IP) comprises of zakat, infaq, sadaqah and waqf. All faiths have philanthropic components to it and Islam is no exception. In fact, Islamic injuction makes act of charity an obligation. The concept of philanthropy is associated with kindness, compassionate, mercy, generousity, love of mankind, and all in accordance to the Quran and the tradition of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Philanthropy in Islam is not confine to religious obligations but also ensuring the righteous mechanism of Islamic philanthropy be maintained for the ummah well-being. Thus, this conference offers a beginning to unearth issues pertaining to IP that will involve great speakers, postgraduates and researchers from all sectors and institutions.



To provide a platform for open dialogues and discussions among academics, researchers, practitioners to share ideas, research results, opportunities, challenges on issues pertinent to Islamic philanthropy (IP)

To strengthen, promotes linkages and networkings among the participants and to discuss future research areas of interest in IP that will prosper the UMMAH.



Transforming Islamic Philanthropy for Ummah Excellence


  • Zakat, Infaq, Shadaqah and Waqf
  • Islamic Philanthropy microfinancing
  • Governance in Islamic Philanthropy institutions
  • CSR and Islamic Philanthropy
  • Islamic Philanthropy and entrepreneur
  • Assessing and evaluating Islamic Philanthropy activities
  • Islamic Philanthropy social security
  • Best practices/ Policy study/ Enactment of IP

And any other relevant areas of interest in Islamic Philanthropy.



WUIPCon 2013 provides a platform for dialogues and discussions among Islamic Philanthropy leaders, academics, researchers, postgraduates and practitioners to share ideas, prospects, opportunities and challenges on issues pertinent to Islamic Philanthropy. The conference will bring together interested parties in IP, promotes and strengthen linkages and networkings among the participants to discuss the future direction of Islamic philanthropy for Ummah Excellence.



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Submission Format

All abstacts and full papers could either be written in English, Malay and Arabic. Submissions should be made in the form of MS Word files.

All papers submitted should be typed in Times New Roman (12 point) with double-spacing and should not exceed 5,000 words or 10 pages include references and appendix. The name(s), address, contact numbers and email of the author(s) should be clearly stated in the first page.

The abstract not exceeding 200 words and should provide a statement of the purpose and procedures of the study, including major conclusions of the research. Figures, tables and references should also be on separate pages at the end of the text. Endnotes should be kept to a minimum.

References should be complete and placed at the end of the manuscript. Samples of entries are as follows;

Book   :  Williamson, O. (1993) The Nature of the Firm, New York: Oxford Press
Journal:  Zhou, Z. H. (1998) Chinese Accounting Systems and Practices, Accounting, Organisations and Society, 13, 2: 207-24.

All of submitted WUIPCon2013 papers will be peer reviewed and all of registered papers will be published in the conference proceeding. Selected papers will be published in :

1) Malaysian Accounting Review (MAR)
2) IKaZ International Journal of Philanthropy



In conjunction with World Universities Islamic Philantrophy Conference 2013 (WUIPCON 2013) , Institut Kajian Zakat (IKAZ) Malaysia is organizing International Islamic Philantropy Poster Competition with the theme of "Nurturing Research Culture for Ummah Well Being". This program will be held on 4th December 2013.

The program has the following objectives:

  • To showcase research and innovation which are produced and created by students from local and foreign higher education.
  • To create a platform for students in commercializing their innovations and ideas.
  • To steer innovative culture through research and at the same time create research awareness among the academician particularly the UiTM Shah Alam community.

This competition is open to all LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL participants. Entries to the competition are divided into 2 categories :

i.     Category A: Doctoral Students (Public/Private Higher Edu.-Malaysian Only)
ii.    Category B: Master Students (Public/Private Higher Edu.-Malaysian Only)

Procedure To submit for Poster Competition:
i.   Register & Log in to the Online Submission System.
ii.  Click on "My Submission" - Choose "Abstract Submission' or "Paper Submission".
iii.  Type of Submission > Select "Poster Competition". Fill in the rest of information and upload your Poster in "Full Paper" section
iv.  Email Notification will be sent to your email.


Best poster presentation awards

Poster presentations will be evalua